Sunday, 17 April 2011

Heartburn Remedies

Whether it is attributed to the stress of modern day living or the unhealthy diets that many western societies have, nowadays many people encounter various digestive problems.
Acid reflux and other problems with the stomach often result in irritating and painful symptoms. For example, heartburn, excessive burping, along with flatulence are all clear signs that one’s stomach is not in its best shape.

When it comes to heartburn and acid reflux, most people head straight to over the counter solutions. The medications that are available are made to give individuals relief to a certain extent, however often these treatments only provide relief for a limited period of time. If you are among the people who experience painful chest pain and the constant burning sensation that comes with heartburn, you are probably looking for alternate heartburn remedies or new treatments to getting rid of your acid reflux issues.

In some instances, treatments are not the best way to stop getting heartburn. Lifestyle is actually the root cause for many acid reflux sufferers.
A person's weight, for instance, can be a huge factor in their incidence of heartburn. Whilst it is a significant challenge to adjust ones diet and lifestyle to positively impact their weight, the potential improvement to managing acid reflux is huge.
Here are some considerations:
- don't cut down your number of meals, simply reduce the size of your meals. A lot of people eat to the point that they feel full and bloated before they think to stop. In these cases, the stomach is being forced to stretch, increasing the likelihood of stomach acid forcing its way back up into the oesophagus. Just this simple step can work wonders for people.
- think about the fatty foods that are currently in your diet and where you can start trimming the fat
- carbonated drinks, coffee and any kind of alcohol are all dangers for your stomach
- smoking is bad for you. Just read the warning label! Smoking can relax the muscle that prevents that flow of stomach content back up into the oesophagus, increasing the risk of heartburn. Quitting smoking can help your digestive system tighten up.

If you come to think about it, none of the points mentioned above are actually treatments. Simply living a healthier lifestyle can be one of the best heartburn remedies of all. Avoiding unhealthy foods, unhealthy drinks and smoking can give you more energy, help you think with greater clarity and can also allow you to avoid the pain of heartburn and acid reflux.